Saturday, May 28, 2011


"Transitions"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
This was also part of the Student Art Show in 2010. 

Home Gym

"Home Gym"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
I'm going back and adding in some of my older work.  This one was actually a winner at the Student Art Show in 2010.  I just got it back last week -- it's been on loan all this time.  Don't you think it should be hanging in a gym somewhere near where they talk to prospective members!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bradley the Wonder Dog

"Bradley the Wonder Dog"  (Acrylic)  © CEastwood, 2010
This was my first attempt at a "doggie" portrait -- although it would hardly be fair to classify Bradley as a "dog."  He belonged to dear friends, and when he passed on to doggie-heaven (and surely there must be one), he left a pretty big hole in all our hearts.  He was one-of-a-kind and, with his antics, he earned his title.

Tiny Dancer

"Tiny Dancer"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2011
"Tiny Dancer" is the first in the "Tiny Dancer Series."

Pas de Deux

"Pas de Deux"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2011
The second in the "Tiny Dancer Series."

Summer Fruit -- Triptych (SOLD)

"Grapes"  (Acrylic) © CEastwood, 2011
"Strawberries"  (Acrylic)  © CEastwood, 2011

"Kiwi"  (Acrylic)  © CEastwood, 2011
These three small paintings (5" x 5") were done on gallery canvases and meant to be hung as a triptych entitled "Summer Fruit."  The paintings were done for a charity auction benefiting the Daisy Miracle Brennan Endowed Fund in support of the Infant Special Care Center (ISCC) at the University of California, San Diego.  Daisy Miracle was an angel on loan for a very short period of time, but she continues to touch others and help them through this fund.


"Goldfish"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
This was another one of those class projects.  "Paint a fish."  It was interesting to try and make the tail appear transparent.  It probably deserves a better title.  Oh, well.


"Toucan"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
There's something about being in a class.  The teacher says, "Paint a bird."  A bird?  Really?  Okay.  But you know what?  This guy was actually lots of fun to do. 

Haleakala -- Abstract (SOLD)

"Haleakala"  (Watercolor)  © C.Eastwood, 2010

This is an abstract of the crater at Haleakala on Maui.  What an incredible sight.  If you've never had the opportunity to see it and it comes along -- don't miss it.  We saw it in late afternoon and it was breath-taking.


"Highlife"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
Got some new watercolor brushes and this was the first painting I tried with them.  Wow -- sable really makes a difference! 

Market Day I

"Market Day I"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
The first of the "Market Day Series" I have planned.

Market Day II -- Anticipation

"Market Day II -- Anticipation"  (Watercolor)  © CEastwood, 2010
The second in the "Market Day Series" I have planned.

Blue Angels

"Blue Angels"  (16" x 20" Acrylic)  © CEastwood, 2011
This is one of those special moments, captured for all time.  The photographer was watching her husband walk out to his jet accompanied by their two daughters and she snapped the shot.  It just had to be turned into a painting.


"Dude"  (Watercolor)  © C. Eastwood, 2011
The name for this painting is a bit tongue-in-cheek.  A few years ago there was a certain highly successful animated movie that featured sea turtles from Australia who were prone to commenting, "Dude!" about everything.  Somehow, the name stuck and, thereafter, any sea turtles that were sighted were promptly named Dude.  So why would the painting be any different!