Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Woman in Scarf

"Woman in Scarf"  (Watercolor), C. Eastwood © 2014
I don't usually post a picture before I'm sure it's completed -- but I was so pleased with the results so far (and I haven't decided if I want to mess with it or not) that I wanted to put this one up.  (The poor lady doesn't even have a name yet.)  I just finished taking a three-day workshop with Fealing Lin @ Catalyst and this is from the class.  It's such a major departure in style for me.  I really like the effect and will try to incorporate more of what I learned as I go forward.  I hope you enjoy.

UPDATE:  So I decided she was done and she is simply, "Woman in Scarf."   And I still hope you enjoy!  Mar. 8, 2015