Sunday, June 28, 2015

Unexpected Angel

"Unexpected Angel"  (Acrylic Mixed Media)  C. Eastwood, ©2015
This is one of those paintings that was a surprise all the way around.  I was actually in the midst of painting another series when this one decided it needed to come forward.  I fought it for a couple of days, but then gave up and began the background.  Interestingly, I was intending to paint sunflowers—right up until I flipped the canvas onto a different edge and noticed that there was an angel in it.  The wings were left without an outline to represent the idea that angels are not always immediately visible or recognized as such.  

This painting made me realize that we generally don’t expect angels in our lives—even though I believe that God puts them around us.  Sometimes they’re disguised as friends, sometimes as strangers.  Upon occasion we will have the opportunity to be an angel to someone else.  I hope that each one of you meets your own Unexpected Angel from time-to-time, and that you are blessed in that encounter.