Sunday, September 27, 2015

Speak No Evil

"Speak No Evil"  (Acrylic Mixed Media, 12" x 12")  C. Eastwood, © 2015
For some time now, I've been increasingly dismayed (which might not be a strong enough word) at the level of vitriol we hear from our leaders, at the bullying we hear expressed on social media, and at the general loss of kindness in our dealings with one another.  And maybe that's why I've been so taken this week with the coverage of Pope Francis' visit to the United States.  For the last four days, we've been treated to stories centering around images of joy, acts of kindness, and people behaving well.  Whether or not you are a Catholic, there is something about this man of God -- and I believe it starts with love. He's urged us to be better versions of ourselves, and that is what's behind this painting -- Speak No Evil.

Small words, once uttered, are out there, and they grow.  As the painting came into being, and the face emerged, I realized there was no mouth -- thereby giving this painting its name.

So I offer this to you.  I hope you enjoy it.

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