Monday, April 23, 2012

Mixed Media Mania

"Time for New Discoveries"  (Mixed Media)   C. Eastwood, 2012
I've been taking an on-line class called "Pursuing Portraits" from Pam Carriker, a wonderful artist, teacher, and author (Art at the Speed of Life).  This is the first time I've tried mixed media and I think this may ultimately be what I've been searching for.  For those of you who are as new to this as I was, the picture above is a combination of acrylic paint, collage, stamps, crayon, ink, pencil, and charcoal--all on the same piece of work.  The quote surrounding her head -- the thing I've been trying to wrap my own brain around -- is that "there is no 'wrong' in art--only a new discovery."  I'm so excited about this new direction!  Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Very cool! Looking forward to seeing more and hearing/reading more about this technique! I can barely handle acrylic, so blending all of them in one work is impressive to say the least. Go, Chris!