Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charcoal Values

Charcoal Value Sketch  © C. Eastwood, 2012
Do not attempt to adjust your screen...there's nothing wrong with it.  The picture is black and white and shades of grey (no...not that kind!).  I'm taking a second on-line class taught by another wonderful artist and teacher who goes by the name of "Gritty Jane" (J. DesRosier -- Portraits and Papers) to add some additional portrait skills and mixed media techniques.  Before we get to the paint and other fun stuff, I get to go back to drawing with charcoal.  I haven't done anything like this since high school, and I am NOT admitting how many years ago that was!  (Let's just say that if I count decades, I can still do it on one hand -- barely, yikes.)  Anyway, since I'm sharing this journey, I figured I'd go ahead and add this one to the batch.


  1. You have done a really great job. How long did it take you to complete it? Can't wait to see more

  2. Actually, it only took about an hour or so. You get the basic structure and add charcoal, smear, lift, add some more, lift some more...and then keep repeating until you're done.

  3. I love that when I first see this piece, she is not smiling... but after staring at it for a bit it seems (to me) that her lips curve into a smirk... so cool! xoxo, joni