Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loosest Yet

"Untitled"  (Watercolor)  C. Eastwood
"Yay!  Finally!"  No that wasn't my reaction -- it was the reaction of my instructor.  We were copying again, much like we did last semester for the landscape class (this one is based on a painting by Charles Reid, a true master).  I painted this in a little over an hour (which is pretty quick, for me) and, to be completely honest, I spent almost all of that time muttering under my breath.  The style is not easy for me, and the painting felt totally out of control.  But suddenly, at the very end, it just pulled together and was done.  I added some splatters and drips (now that was fun) and voila -- the loosest one yet.  I'm going to have to do some more of these to get a better feel for the process and style, but I like the end result.

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