Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's Only Paper

"It's Only Paper"  (Watercolor)  C. Eastwood, 2013
So this is a further exploit in watercolor abstract.  I had started a painting on my own as we first began this segment of class and when I had completed it...the only word I could think of was, "Bleech!"  (That's not a good thing.)  I couldn't figure out how to fix it and I was actually prepared to cut it into strips and use the back for testing colors as I paint.  But then I thought of what we're always telling one another in class -- "It's only paper."  So I started by using resist and writing some admonitions to myself.  Then I began adding layers and spraying them into different directions and creating drips and spatters.  (Note to self -- cover a larger area underneath the painting next time before spattering to aid in easier clean-up!)  And voila -- it's bright, it's bold, and it's fearless.  And I think I won't cut it into strips!

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