Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cinderella, I Presume?

"Cinderella, I Presume?"  (Watercolor)  C. Eastwood, © 2013
Time to revisit the shoes.  The last time we painted these, I ended up with a painting called "Every Girl's Dream" which won a Watercolor Purchase Award last spring at the Santa Ana College Art Show.  I didn't want to duplicate that by painting the same thing, so I took a small section of the shoes and turned it into a vertical study, instead.  It's interesting to see how the same subject ends up looking the same and yet so different, even when done in the same medium.  I guess that's part of what fascinates me about art.  It's always a new discovery.

And as for the name?  Not sure where that came from other than as I was working on it, the painting seemed to name itself.  I figure Cinderella ended up wtih a fascination for shoes.  A girl can't go around wearing glass slippers all the time, can she?

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