Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Untitled -- Negative Space Painting

Untitled -- Negative Space Painting (Watercolor),  C. Eastwood © 2014
Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting my work this semester.  It's not that I've stopped painting, it's just that this semester's watercolor class -- taken with a different instructor (Kristi Genoway) -- has been a time of exploration and experimentation.  One of the most freeing parts of the class as been her encouragement to indulge in "spectacular failures."  And trust me, I've taken full advantage of that and produced some pretty awful stuff.  But along the way, I've also learned some really cool techniques.  This is an example of a process called "negative space painting" where layer after layer is added to produce a feeling of depth.  It got confusing at times, trying to remember what needed to be left unpainted at each subsequent step, but the end result was quite interesting.

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